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For isolated p.c. card mounting


Adjustable locking feature for Versamount

A pair of Versamounts make a sturdy, rigid support for mounting of p.c. cards to a chassis or motherboard.  Shown here are three sizes of Versamount brackets with molded-in holes to receive various sizes of snap-in Unitrack card guides.  Drawings below indicate which card guides fit each size Versamount.  Mounting Versamount brackets to a motherboard or chassis requires just two holes for each bracket, one for the anti-rotation pin and the other for a #4 or #6 machine screw to make a rugged, vertical or horizontal support for a p.c. card.

Versamount brackets and Unitrack card guides are precision molded of durable, tough, dimensionally stable polycarbonate.  The ADJUST-A-LOCK can be ordered separately or with the Versamount.

Assemble the ADJUST-A-LOCK, using the hardware furnished, to the Versamount with the snap-in guide in place.  Slide the p.c. card and seat it in its connector.  Lower the ADJUST-A-LOCK units onto the p.c. card and lock in position by tightening the screws.  Remove the card by springing back the card locking member/s, or by loosening the screws.  Slide out the p.c. card.


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